Fotografo ed Editore Indipendente


One night, in the big house,
I hear noises,
a glass downstairs shatters into a thousand pieces,
I run to the attic,
I don’t have my phone with me.
In the silence, footsteps are heard, downstairs,
someone climbs the stairs,
terror grips me.
In the dark I inadvertently bump an object,
falling to the ground,
the footsteps get closer.
Sees me,
has a knife,
I try to defend myself
it hits me.
I find myself tied up, in a closet,
into the dark,
I’m sore,
tight ropes prevent me from moving,
but I try to free myself,
I am going downstairs,
I am alone?
He hears me
he has the knife with him,
again I try to defend myself,
he is stronger,
the cuts on my skin take away my energy,
I can’t, I can’t, I can’t…

TERROR : Tonti, Antonio: Libri

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